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Web development


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I came to web development from graphic design. Since then, I've developed more than 120 websites between 2005 and 2021, working as a freelance and outsourced for clients from Argentina, Spain and Mexico.

The languages that I've used the most are HTML, CSS and JS. In addition, until its fall into disuse, I made sites and interactive presentations with Flash. Since 2014 I've joined to mobile first philosophy, not only prioritizing the interface on mobile devices, but also by optimizing resources. Finally, since 2017, I've sporadically designed and developed PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) prioritizing “offline first”. In those years I also started my training in Data Science.

Fact: I programmed my first application in QBasic when I was 11 years old. It was a football results simulator based on the possession of the ball. The goal was produced by different probabilistic calculations at the time it reached the goalkeeper.

#HTML #CSS #JS #PHP #MySQL #WordPress #Joomla #Flash #PWA #UI

Graphic Design

I started designing at PrintMaster on a 386 when I was 11 years old. Since then I've never stopped the activity completely: I've worked in brand design, advertising for print and digital media, retail, books and magazines. Also, in one of my jobs, I was in charge of the large format printing area with a cut plotter and three print plotters available. Since 2009 I've worked almost exclusively to digital design, training in digital marketing and social networks to better understand the sector.

Fact: For years, out of necessity and curiosity, I've also worked as a 2-D animator and audio/video editor, editing short films and music records.

#Branding #XLPrinting #Marketing #Advertising #RetailDesign #DigitalDesign #EditorialDesign

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