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Alpha (between the ephemeral and the eternal)

Dimensions: 80x100cm Materials: acrylic on canvas Year: 2016 Adjectives are dangerous when we don’t understand the ephemeral nature of conceptual perception and the eternity of the knowledge excluded; when we assert, we hide the variables and their sacred and eternal potential. The education, that is managed in a “scheduled knowledge”, is the nest of marginality. The discrimination of “the scarcity” it’s disguised with words like: dreams, goals, effort and perseverance

(Español) (Crying) David en el Carrousel du Louvre

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Mutation -In the ocean-

Dimensions: 70x 90cm Materials: acrylic on canvas Year: 2016 The sound becomes distant echo, the image becomes a diffuse blue. I can feel the dryness in my voice; right now, just an useless sound. My neck is folded, the water wheel moves me up and down in an endless swing. Into this situation, I can’t understand if my eyes are too tiny or if my jaw is too large. Suddenly

Identità perduta

I wake up shining from anesthesia and, for the first time, I recognize and know me in this state. For the first time my reflection is shown clean and the blue sky, so quiet, in my hands. Accidents, those who made scars, already are gone. They have disappeared as the mountain on the plain. In the emptiness of the huge I understand that freedom not dwelleth on oblivion. So, desperate,

About Hands and Governments

Red Hand, Blue Hand Dimensions: 120x 82cm (60x82cm ea) Materials: acrylic on canvas Year: 2015 One hand prepares and provides the chords for a melody that the other hand will play, and so for years and years and years. One places the brick and the other one, the cement, necessary pause for assembly. […] Thus it was in the past. Today, we’ve grown and we know that just one hand

Inherente y aprehendido

En la educación formal suele faltar equilibrio entre lo inherente y lo aprehendido; suele ser escaso el incentivo para manifestarse a través de actos que nacen de, por y para nosotros. Lo curioso es que mientras la enseñanza del arte suele hacernos humanos, la de lo (llamado) exacto, eso que se inscribe en ciencias de, por y para los ‘hombres’, suele hacernos ‘demasiado‘ humanos. El desconocimiento del proceso artístico nos suele

Obra de la semana [50]

Caída de la Lengua Universal Medidas: 130 x 162 cm Materiales: acrílicos sobre tela Año: 2014 ‘Entonces la palabra no pudo ser alcanzada, la flor de lenguas se secó y marchitó en mis manos azules. La Diosa de la palabra sin voz, de la culpa silenciosa, se presentó ante mi y dejó escapar su vacia mirada; ‘el amor es una lengua sin voz y ojos sin pupilas’ sentenció mientras atónito