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Alfa (entre lo efimero y lo eterno)

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Dimensions: 80x100cm
Materials: acrylic on canvas
Year: 2016

Adjectives are dangerous when we don’t understand the ephemeral nature of conceptual perception and the eternity of the knowledge excluded; when we assert, we hide the variables and their sacred and eternal potential. The education, that is managed in a “scheduled knowledge”, is the nest of marginality.

The discrimination of “the scarcity” it’s disguised with words like: dreams, goals, effort and perseverance and other harmful elements.

We never will defend the social demand until we are fully capable or fully idiot. We know that, the social demand, is nothing if equity is lost and that, the apathy, is born by the confrontation of whimsical duties and rights with the personal and social potential.

Today, I find myself there, in the initial question between being ephemeral and eternal, lose myself or find myself, shout the wind or hear myself. Ave.

(Freg. “Between the ephemeral and the eternal”, 2016)

(C) Diego Baigorri