Diego Baigorri


Diego Baigorri (Argentina, 1984). From childhood he has developed his creativity through drawing, literature, music and programming, performing his first artistic exhibitions, graphic publications and computer applications at an early age.

Has published online two books (philosophical essays and narrative), children's stories, a bunch of musical albums and has participated in international poetic anthologies. His artworks have been exhibited, forming part of local catalogs, in Paris, New York, London, Rome, Barcelona and Dubai, among other places.

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Art vision

Art is by and for the people; it is a essential part of every culture, every society, every person; a scream to a social awakening, a powerful gas seeking for a spark to explode, to clean and illuminate the social thing. Art is our massive evolution channel.

This concept implies the strong conviction that, the art, ends in the observer, who seeks to clarify, in Socrates way, that spark as the artist has thought or work out a new point of view. Art is the message and the brushstroke.

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Childhood & teen years (1996-2001)

Early stage (2005-2012)

Primary stage (European residences)

First mutation (post European residences)