Diego Baigorri, argentine-italian artist, was born in Las Parejas (Santa Fe, Argentina) in 1984.

From childhood he has developed his creativity in a self-taught way through drawing, literature, music and programming, performing his first artistic exhibitions, graphic publications and computer applications at an early age.

Between 2002 and 2012 has performed dozen solo exhibitions in his country, has published two philosophical narrative online books and a bunch of music albums. Also he founded and directed a multidisciplinary cultural group focused on social awareness, an online magazine with the same profile and began to work as a web developer.

In 2014 he was resident artist at Greve in Chianti (Florence, Italy), Barcelona and Madrid (Spain), since then he has been part of exhibitions in: Paris (France), New York (USA), London (UK), Rome (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) & Dubai (UAE), among other places.

As of 2015, he has focused on the production of children's stories, short stories and essays.

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I see art as a necessary and essential part of every culture, every society, every person; a scream to a social awakening, a powerful gas seeking for a spark to explode, to clean and illuminate the social. Art is, neither more nor less, our massive evolution channel. This concept implies the strong conviction that, the art, ends in the observer, who seeks to clarify that spark as the artist has thought or work out a new point of view.

The introspection and the social feedback are the sources of my works that tends to provoke a reaction in the viewer, trying to convert that reaction to critical reflection, a dialog that have as cornerstone the unconscious, deep emotions and a critical view of the results of the action / inaction.

I focus my expression on the character and strength of the brushstroke, the direct transmission of concept from the body and mind to the canvas. Normally, before a concept is transformed into artwork I strengthen the idea writing essays, working the process as study sketches. This creates and maintains a continuous artistic circle.